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Social Awareness Coaching

It's 2022. Your Brand Needs To Stay Informed.

This is a coaching program dedicated to helping your brand, staff, and business remain socially aware in a time of constant uncertainty for human rights. A common issue for brands and businesses is the inability to handle a social issue that might come up in the world. Your willingness to respond and deliver information while being aware of these issues can make or break your image, and social media is the gateway for people to receive this information.

I am here to help you grow through this.

What's Next?

Once you reach out, let's get you and your team set up for our first meeting. I will take a closer look at all of your current social media accounts and your website beforehand.

In our first meeting, we will go over everything you are interested in covering. For instance, you may be interested in learning how to make your content more accessible to those with vision and hearing related support needs. Maybe you need to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community to better support your audience and staff. Whatever the need, I provide you with the tools to continue growing through this. ​

Before our next sessions, there will be "homework" for you to complete. This varies depending on your needs, but the work we will focus on in this program can be among any of the following:

  • Using more inclusive language and messaging to reach people among BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other intersectional communities

  • Understanding the importance of representation to create a brand presence that allows people to feel seen

  • Understanding accessibility on social media

  • Responding to world events and crises that impact your audience members and your team

  • Guidance on creating multimedia content that can transform your brand's message

The Rate

Social media coaching is a flat rate of $699.00 or 4 payments upon each session at $175.00. Once the initial payment is received, we can go over all of the topics listed above, and anything relevant that you need to discuss to find success in your business and brand! Payment is accepted via Stripe, with no account necessary. In fact, you can pay that by clicking the button below:

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