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Social Media Management

Running your own business gets...busy. With this helpful service, I will manage your social media channels so you can get back to being amazing.

How Does This Work?

This is detailed approach to curating branded online content and appropriately shared posts. Together, we will not only get to the root of your brand, we will let the energy of your brand shine! 

Who needs this? 

  • YOU DO! If you are a business owner looking to grow your presence online but don't have the time, resources, or know-how, this is the solution to your problems. I am here for you, and I want to help you thrive. 

Management can look like many different things. While everyone has different needs, I tend to stick to this pattern in order to capture your brand and voice properly:

  • First, you reach out and we set up a time to meet. Simple as that! 

  • Next, we have our first meeting to discuss all of your desires, concerns, qualms, etc. This will also be when I give you a quote and we can decide to move forward together.

  • Once we have a plan of action, we get to go over which services are included and which additional services you may need...Which brings me to the nitty gritty but FUN part: figuring out which of these services you need most!

Let's take a look at what ASM can do for YOU:

  • Operation of one or more social media channels 

  • Post scheduling for all content on any of your channels

  • Monthly meeting to discuss progress and strategize

  • Monthly report of insights and analytics

  • Copywriting for your brand/captions

  • Audience engagement and communication (interacting with followers on social media channels and assessing accounts)

  • Daily story posts/engagement

For all of these services above, you pay a monthly flat-fee. That price changes by adding...

  • More than one social media channel

  • Content creation of any kind

Oh, and of course, your initial meeting and discussion is on ME for this service.

If you want to set up your meeting, fill out your contact information below along with your social handles and I will hook you UP! A link to book your meeting will come soon after hitting submit.

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