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Maybe you want to manage your own social media...that's okay! This is a one-time consulting meeting to bring you ALL the guidance you need.

Social media for business is intended to be helpful to your growth. The purpose of a consulting meeting is to give you the right tools and knowledge when it comes to using social media. By the time we are done, you will be ready to paint your online canvas!

How Does This Work?

Who needs this? 

Businesses/brands/influencers who know how to use social media, but may need to polish up their knowledge of analytics, trends, and content creation. You may also be someone who is working on projects or is starting a new one but needs some detailed guidance to make the right decisions.

How do I sign up?

  • First, you fill out your information and submit payment. Then, I send along a link to schedule our session!

  • During our meeting, we discuss everything you are looking to know, and I present to you all of the information I gathered during the audit.

Let's take a look at what ASM will provide you during this meeting:

  • A detailed, one hour call regarding your social media channels and your needs

  • An audit of your social media channels​

  • Marketing research that represents your target audience to help you tailor your content

  • Audience communication tips and social listening tips

  • Strategizing post-scheduling and resources for doing so

  • Content coaching and strategizing

  • Calendar template for scheduling content

  • Brand support and coaching

  • Personalized guidance that matches your business and/or brand

All of this is included in our call, and I try to take a few days prior to our session to research your social media channels. ​​

If you want to set up your meeting, fill out your contact information below along with your social handles and I will hook you UP! A link to book your meeting will come soon after hitting submit.

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