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Why Choose a Social Media Manager?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

By Ethan Wasiejko

Okay...I'll admit. I was not too sure about what a social media manger was prior to my pursuit of a communication degree. An article published by Sprout Social simply explains us as people who represent a business' or company's presence on social media. While this is true, there is a LOT more under the hat of a good social media manager than just responding to comments and liking other people's posts.

Business-owning gets...busy. Social media often takes a back seat for most business-owners because they don't know how to run their channels, they don't have to time to run them, or they misunderstand the benefits of a high-quality social media presence. That's where I come in.

Our goals as social media managers are always to help your business and brand come to life online. I take pride in helping people see their business appear as a real, personified entity by giving it the proper characteristics it needs online. This is the main purpose of having social media channels for professional entities: they create a more personal touch to doing business online.

Coursera highlights some of the tasks a social media manager should be able to perform, including writing, analyzing data, and even researching the target audience of the client.

While those who manage social media channels don't consider themselves marketers at heart, it is essentially a niche approach to marketing.

The article also suggests that it helps if a social media manager has an eye for design, an understanding of channels beyond the surface level, and the necessary tools for designing and sharing Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

a client's content.

This beckons the question at hand: Why choose a social media manager? Victoria Shepherd writes in Search Engine Journal detailing the five major reasons for choosing a social media manager. The reasons she lists are...

  1. The Social Landscape Is Always Changing

  2. Engagement In Social Media Is Necessary

  3. Protect Your Reputation & Help Your Customers

  4. Growing Your Audience

  5. Reporting & Tracking

Ultimately, the purpose of a social media manager is to transform your presence online into a more connected and personal brand voice. This connects with followers and potential customers on a personal level, making the experience a lot more memorable.

If this isn't enough to hire us...maybe the thought of a MAJOR return on investment intrigues you. Regardless, the time is now for you to find the right manager for your brand and business.

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