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Social Media Management

This is the real deal. Social Media Management is designed to bring your business and brand to life through researched, current, and socially aware information that will help you feel heard, seen, and well represented. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Who You Are:
A business owner or brand representative who needs someone to help relieve the pressure of managing their own social media. You are also someone who wants to see a true ROI and payout from your social media strategy.


This is a one hour call dedicated to how you can get your business the traction it needs on social media. During the call, I will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about your current social media and communication plans. Once we go through those, I will help you define your approach accordingly. 

Who You Are:
A business owner or brand representative who is looking to strategize and create a plan to improve your current social media and communication practices.

Social Media Plan

This option will provide you and your team with a full written social media plan with thorough market research and up-to-date tactics. I will also help you redefine your brand and style guide to ensure that any team member can follow along and implement it into all of your communication and social media platforms.

Who You Are:
A nonprofit organization or startup business. You may have a tight budget but you are looking for a big impact.

Social Awareness Coaching

It's 2022...there is no room for ignorance anymore. Your brand needs to be prepared to respond to all social issues happening in the world. After all, you are missing key demographics by not paying attention to people who are in NEED of your awareness. This service will allow you to ask questions about communities you do not understand or know how to connect with. You will get the opportunity to build your audience and see how you can grow your strategy to reach people outside of the "standard." Need I go on?

At AWARE Social Media Management, we take pride in the personalized, high quality service we offer to all of our exceptional clients, including Media Kits. We are laser focused on increasing brand awareness and promoting impactful stories.

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