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Meet Me,
Ethan Wasiejko

As a communications major, I quickly noticed the growing need for diversity and inclusion when it comes to social media and brand communication tactics. As I continued learning more about the field of communications and media, I got to work and began creating my brain child, AWARE Social Media: A brand dedicated to bringing diversity and inclusion into your social media and communication strategies. 

I have spent the last three years working in social media marketing for nonprofit organizations and growing businesses alike. The biggest problem I noticed among the clients and organizations I spent time with was that they were unaware of how they could truly reach their target audience using social media. Let's face it-we have all looked at someone's Instagram Story begrudgingly because we were not looking sexy in the Bahamas, too. Naturally, I wanted to help people realize that we are in a particularly unique era of social media where anything can be content, and not everything has to be completely polished and plastic. 

More recently, I worked at San Diego Pride to help them develop content and to conduct community management. Together, we had a tremendous comeback Pride Festival with over 300 thousand parade attendees and over 75 thousand festival attendees. 

Additionally, I have spent time working as the engagement specialist The Social Media Manager, owned and operated by Dakota Jeane DiSanto. 

My time and efforts with these organizations and businesses have inspired me to continue finding ways to help others grow their brand on social media. As I have continued developing AWARE Social Media, I always lead with the intention of inclusivity and diversity being the top priority in all strategies. 

Every business owner deserves to be properly and effectively represented on social media.

Every person deserves to feel represented in social media marketing. 

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